Sexy is a wonderful word. All wrapped up in pleasure and politics, in conformity and rebellion. When I transferred this domain name to my web provider, I got a warning that my terms of service do not allow pornographic content. So here I am, almost in trouble for just being me. For having a bit of fun.

I’m a mostly straight, middle-aged white guy waking up to a world of diversity. Waking up to the diversity within. Pleasure strategies are myriad, I enjoy and am fairly competent at a whole slew of expressive action. Dive down the rabbit hole at DOG.MOVIE. Meanwhile, here you can find my fiction readings, speculative or otherwise.

I’ve been reading all my life, and now I’m coming out of the closet. Let me know how any of this works for you, what you hate and what you love.

Sexy? You are! Because you dare to accidentally discover yourself with me, sexy. Yes, you. I love you.

The Gentle Release Continues