Podcast Editors

My appreciation for stories, experience as a professional actor and savvy deployment of a tricked out recording studio including sound booth, pro gear and editing software robustly supports podcasts. Available file formats include uncompressed .aiff and .wav as well as all your favorite MP3 flavors. I offer 2 week turn around for 3000 words, sometimes quicker if you’re in a jam, though more time is preferable. I am a solid communicator and regularly provide progress updates to assist with scheduling.¬† Longer format and serialized stories are possible and a variety of other actors are available for multi-voiced projects. I accommodate both paying and fan based proposals.

Establishing direct access between myself and the author is invaluable for stories with nuanced character interactions and invented language.

Here are the top 3 reasons why I want to support your podcast…

1) Daughter of God, my quirky science fiction featurette is in the process of gentle release. I want to build an audience among science fiction fandom and find more friends working professionally in the genre. I want to read as much as possible over the next 6 months, the more challenging the work, the better.

2) As a movie maker I achieve synchro-mesh with a diversity of elements and collaborators. I love the miniaturized world of readings – I get to be everything. The responsibility for carrying off the story is stark, immediate and thrilling.

3) Genre stories present inspiring challenges for an actor. Science fiction, fantasy and horror are about the evolution of perception and consciousness as we hurtle or slip into the unprecedented, how does our experience of being change or stay the same? How to embody and then convey that through the voice? A delicious challenge.