Biography – Directors Cut

10:35 AM, 1963, Mineola, New York, United States of America; that’s what’s on the birth certificate. An older couple who appear in many photos with Dan Kelly corroborate this data. To whit, when and where the thrum of full potential began. To resonate with what we imagine, to end effort and drift easily into, that’s the ticket nowadays. Like most gods walking on Earth, Dan Kelly is quite conspicuously wrapped in brown paper and burlap, because it’s no fun to give away the show. Go ahead and kid yourself, but magic is real.

dan tree

A polymath is curious about and often quite good at a lot of different things. The aesthetic polymath seeks excellence in the arts of living. Kisses, dance, connection, vitality, virtousic food and drink, hugging trees and so forth.

Joy as often as possible, with a touch of adventure and life risking for spice. Grand causes and hair raising near misses.

Dan Kelly has developed experiential computer games, peddled paintings, taught yoga, eaten acid, outrun hundreds of athletes half his age, sailed 600 miles solo on a 16 foot catamaran, known the most beautiful and dangerous women on the planet, saved lives, survived Brooklyn, and royally fucked up, learning all manner of fascinating trivia along the way.

After you’ve read, watched or listened to something inspiring, hilarious or loathsome supposedly offered by Dan Kelly, feel free to find your own thrum, and glide into bliss or an efficacious puff of WTF.