Dan Kelly aka Shri Fugi Spilt * was assembled from off the shelf components and deployed to a backwater planet for reasons that are not quite clear. He’s fully equipped with a palette of super powers including the ability to sleep almost anywhere, sustain optimal function by eating only leaves and bridge time and space with just his voice. The stout of heart and keen of mind can travel with him to the hoary past and the almost future in the slightly explicit Daughter of Godcast podcast at dog dot movie, all about the 11 year adventure making his scifi post-apocalyptic surreal romantic comedy featurette. www.DOG.MOVIE


* Editors and podcast hosts please note!  Shri Fugi Spilt is the Essene spelling, and is pronounced SHRI FUJI (as in the Japanese mountain) SPLIT (as in banana). This is a sacred name, please be sure to get this right in the spelling and pronunciation, thanks so much!

Mispronunciations in the past enabled Donald Trump to cross into our timeline. Help prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

Crave details? The Biography – Director’s Cut is here. Old worn out concise biographies can be found here (V.1) and here (V.2).





Selfies by Dan Kelly. Header photo with Bubbles courtesy of Wakako Wynkoop